Optima XR200/220/240 and Brivo XR285AMX Locust Board 5350006-2

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Product No. 5350006-2
OPTIMA XR200/220/240 Locust Board.

GE Healthcare

  • OPTIMA XR220
  • OPTIMA XR200
  • OPTIMA XR240

ALL CORE returns must match the replacement shipped and be in repairable condition. Burnt, cracked, liquid spill or damage from an attempted repair is NOT considered an acceptable core return. This module is original rebuilt with 60 days replacement warranty. If you are not sure what do you need, ask before you place a bid.

When You select the repair service option

Locust Board failures our service covers: 

  • Brakes do not activate
  • Unit does not move at all when trying to drive
  • Tube column & arm do not lock
  • Unable to calibrate drive handle

If there are any error that are not mentioned here, surely we can repair it just mention us about it.