About us!

We are a company aimed to help you in anything that has to do with the following X-ray machines

-AMX 4

-AMX 4+

-Definium AMX 700

-Brivo XR285AMX




Knowledgeable Repairs

We are careful and make sure every reparation is in working order.

Software Repair

Not only do we repair hardware and circuit boards, we also install software, operating systems, firmware and we repair BIOS, corrupt firmware, EPROMS, EEPROMS, FPGA and CPLD firmwares!

High Stock on components

We have the biggest stock on components for repairing circuit boards, we have the skill and tools to work on SMD and through-hole components!

Quality parts

We have best quality components just for repairing circuit boards and making them have a long life!

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